Sunday, February 20, 2011


Well, that was fun while it lasted. I just read a rumor that REBELS is getting cancelled in anticipation of the glut of Flashpoint series on the way this summer. I'm sure Tony Bedard will be writing one or two of them, and to be honest, who thought that a sequel to the 90's series LEGION would ever last this long? In any case, I'm going to enjoy this series while I can.

Bedard's focus on the core cast is doing a lot for this title, but having Starro back is helping even more. Not only does the series' main villain return, but he also drops a couple lines of dialogue that basically reinstates the old JLA Starro as a villain on his own. So now we can enjoy both.

I like how quickly Vril Dox has been taken off the board too, when these two forces first clashed, it was Vril vs. Starro. This time it might be the other heroes of LEGION having to step up. And having Lobo this time could make a huge difference.

Claude St. Aubin has been consistently turning in solid pencils for months, and this is no different. A few faces look a bit weird (mostly Vril Dox), but overall, the book looks fine.


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