Sunday, February 27, 2011

Doom Patrol #19

It looks like this title is one of the many cancelled in anticipation of Flashpoint, and judging from this issue, that's a sad thing. I really like how Keith Giffen portrays the attitudes and outlooks of this group of weirdos. I'm not sure Ambush Bug really fits in (does he ever?), but I'm a sucker for growth powers, so I loved seeing Elasti-Girl use her powers so effectively throughout the issue. Robotman is always fun, he's basically Ben Grimm in the DCU.

I did find it interesting that the Doom Patrol essentially win their fight with the Secret Six. On a pure power basis, I just think that the Six bring more to the table. I suppose the magical pelican and Danny the House each taking out a member of the Six does even the odds a bit.

Matthew Clark and Ron Randall draw Bane without his mask for the whole issue. I read too many comics to remember if that happened because of something in Secret Six (part I of this story), but it's a bummer for me. A lot of these pages would be vastly improved with a luchadore mask instead of Bane's terrible haircut. I do like how the artists play with perspective and scale on the Elasti-Girl scenes; she wouldn't need to maintain "normal" ratios with her stretchy body.


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Martin Gray said...

An excellent issue, indeed. I loved that the DP so roundly wapped the Six - they're the good guys, and hugely experienced, they should show the baddies up.

And besides, it's their comic.