Monday, February 28, 2011

Green Lantern Corps #57

I usually like Tony Bedard's writing, but his GLC work just hasn't connected with me. This current issue closes the Weaponer story arc, and I feel like it went on too long and didn't really answer some important questions. Why and how did the Weaponer utilize the White Lantern power? Why did Sinestro take so long to show up to save Soranik if he was coming anyway? Why was Firestorm in this issue when he basically didn't do anything? (At best, we re-established where Firestorm was sent to at the end of Brightest Day #17.)

I also have to wonder why the Qwardians come off as so silly in this story. In the span of one issue, they go from hating the Weaponer, to loving him, to hating him again. There are no half-measures for these people, they make a decision and go full blast until they change their minds again.

It certainly doesn't help when you have one of the core cast members essentially saying "this story doesn't matter, the REAL story is back in another comic book!" Ganthet has repeatedly justified the alliance with the Sinestro Corps by saying the real threat is back in the regular DCU, most likely in the Green Lantern title. So why bother reading this one? No GLs even stick around to help Firestorm save the universe! So I'm seeing a clear tiering of titles. Krona>Weaponer>Deathstorm. That's a dangerous path to go down.

Tyler Kirkham's pencils are pretty solid. His style is morphing to look a bit more like the DCU house style (maybe it is the inker). This is starting to look more like Ivan Reis than Marc Silvestri.


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