Saturday, February 26, 2011

Booster Gold #41

Goldstar! This whole issue is worth it just because Booster's sister shows up back in costume. I love the idea of a brother and sister team fighting crime, so I'm happy to see her back in her battle suit. (Where did she get it again? It isn't stolen like Booster's, right?)

It's great that even when Doctor Nishtikeit successfully attacks Rip Hunter's time lab, Booster still doesn't take him seriously. I can't imagine this villain will stand out too much, and Booster is already willing to forget him. It's a wonderful contrast that the Doctor is no one to Booster, but Nishtikeit considers Booster his arch-foe. It makes sense that the Doctor only takes up half the issue, the other half puts Booster in prison, serving time for his original theft of his hero gear. I can't believe no one has done this with the character before, actually.

Rip Hunter needs a better costume, by the way. Chris Batista's pencils are still wonderful, but the t-shirt and slacks aren't doing it. Booster's prison uniform is cooler than Rip's costume! I don't like Rip just hauling around a big rifle either, surely he's got some neater time-devices with a bit more original design?



Devin said...

The Goldstar costume was made for a potential female sidekick that Booster's marketing department wanted to introduce. His secretary Trixie wore it first, but then Michelle picked it up a few issues later.

Incidentally, Goldstar was supposed to be Booster's super hero name, but he mangled his name when President Reagan was introducing him to the world so he was kind of stuck with it.

Martin Gray said...

I'm fine with Rip's look, he's an adventurer, not a superhero. God forbid he winds up looking like those Linear - I say Lamer - men.