Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Widowmaker #4

This series has suffered from a bit of up-and-down quality. It's not surprising, since this mini is a combination of two issues from two separate cancelled titles. I've really enjoyed the Hawkeye & Mockingbird chapters, while the Black Widow chapters haven't held up quite as well.

This issue feels rushed. A lot of pages get used up with the leads all running up a volcano, away from the new Ronin. Then they turn around and run back down, splitting up. We don't see how Hawk & Mock separated the evil ninjas, we don't see Dominic Fortune get into his stolen Crimson Dynamo armor. Then the entire series rests on an unclear exchange between a nobody character and the Black Widow. I can't believe the conclusion is based on Fantasma turning on Ronin. Did she even show up in this series before this? If so, I certainly can't remember her. It makes no sense to hang a whole limited on a good turn from a character we don't care about.

And what's up with Hawkeye getting beaned? It seems like he's got some sort of problem now, headaches or vision issues. Is such an important character development really going to hang on a random swing of a ninja club?

Manuel Garcia's pencils look more rushed than usual. I'm not sure if it is the inker, but a lot of the faces look oddly smushed and very few moments are clear. For a series that started out quite strongly, I find myself indifferent about the ending.


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