Monday, February 7, 2011

Invincible #77

Robert Kirkman is a tricky dude. I love the recurring horrors that Invincible experiences throughout the issue, it was a good technique that could have been a one-off at the open of the book, but Kirkman uses the storytelling device repeatedly to set up the closing scene. Really, there is nothing else that Invincible and Omni-Man can do, there are enough Viltrumites out there that they really could cause problems if they got riled up. But, I don't think Cecil is going to be ok with this status quo either, I'm expecting to see Brit and the Global Guardians do something about this very soon.

This really is more of an epilogue issue; the conflict is about done, this is about setting up the new status quo in the Invincible corner of the Image universe. It at least puts all the Viltrumite War players back where they need to be. (Except for Oliver, who isn't going to be happy stuck out in space when he wakes up. I bet he'll be back to hit on his tutor right quick.) I can't wait for the next issue when we get our reunions with the characters who stayed on Earth.

Ryan Ottley is the only person who can draw this book. In any other hands, the brutal violence would be disgusting, but with Ottley's slick style, everything stays cartoony enough so that while shocking, it doesn't disgust the reader.


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