Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Secret Six #30

What a stunning cover! Just amazing work from Cliff Chiang.
Unless my count is off, this book has more than Six members now, right? Bane, Scandal, Ragdoll, Jeannette, Deadshot, Black Alice, and King Shark make seven. Not that I'm complaining, I love King Shark and want him to stick around.

Gail Simone gets some funny moments from Bane's attempt to enter the dating world, but I thinks she's playing him a bit too awkward. I mean, isn't he a genius, even if he's socially warped? He seemed too far gone in his interactions with his date.

Simone does a nice job playing up the Doom Patrol. They are the guest stars, but they are also the closest thing this book has to heroes, so they get portrayed in a pretty positive light. I'm especially amazed how well Simone mimics Keith Giffen's dialogue for Robot Man and Negative Man. They sounded spot-on. I don't buy Doom Patrol regularly, but I guarantee I'll be picking up the second part of this crossover.

Jim Calafiore does his normal solid job on the art. Nothing jumped out as being incredible, but the storytelling is clear and everyone looks good.


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