Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DMZ v4: Friendly Fire TPB

I want to like Brian Wood's stylish series more than I do. The problem is I can't wrap my head around the core status quo for the book. I get that New York is the DMZ, and that the bridges and tunnels out are blocked off by different factions of the country. But I don't understand how the people in NYC get new supplies or have any sort of continued existence if they're that cut off. Not to mention I'm fuzzy on the whole Free States faction. I understand they are supposed to be an insurgent army, one with no real base and that they are mixed in with everyone else, but I know they have strongholds around New York, so why not just take those out?

This trade deals with a traumatic day in the DMZ when US troops mistakenly opened fire on a crowd of peace protesters. It's a tragic, awful scene, but again, I'm confused on what the US troops are even trying to accomplish with their patrols in the DMZ. Are they guarding borders? Advancing the US front? Since I don't understand the core of the book, all the drama feels manufactured to me. How does the rest of the country and the world feel about what's happening?

The art is ok, with some of the military sequences looking particularly good. The whole "fog of war" is very effectively portrayed, especially just prior to the friendly fire incident.


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