Sunday, February 6, 2011

Star Wars: Clone Wars v1: Defense of Kamino TPB

I thought about expanding into the greater Star Wars universe after I've enjoyed the Legacy series so much, but I found the first chapter of the Clone Wars trade to be average. I'm fascinated by the idea that hordes of clones would seek out ways to differentiate themselves, to make themselves unique as they performed their duties as the Army of the Republic. There is almost nothing like that present in the trade, except for a short bit where a few Clone Commandos show they are tougher than their brothers. It's weird. I figured I'd be cold to the Anakin and Obi-Wan stuff, the movies have ruined those characters for me, but my lack of interest in the clones surprised me.

The second part of the trade is a bit more interesting. It follows Mace Windu as he tries to rope in some Jedi who are straying away from the council. It's a neat idea; those of us who have seen the movies know that the Council is on the wrong path, and that the Republic is going to betray them. I love that some of the Jedi are uncomfortable with the direction of the Empire this early. Unfortunately, the story makes things a little too easy. Out of the 5 or so rebel Jedi, two go to the Dark Side. It's kind of hard to believe in their point of view when they're riddled with evil. I would have loved to see an actual rift of the Jedi as some diverged from the Council.

The art is fine, but not quite as solid as Jan Duursema's work on Star Wars Legacy.


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