Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Green Lantern #62

Some books are feeling a lot shorter with those few pages being cut for the $2.99 price. This issue was solid enough, but man, it feels like not a lot happens.

Krona is super-creepy looking now, and his powers are pretty impressively visual. Those chains binding the entities to him couldn't be clearer, and he's effectively negated most of the corps already. I still think this story has been going on too long, but I'm pleased to see things moving along by the end. Geoff Johns does a good job with the confrontation between the JLA and the New Guardians. Even better; we get the return of Batman treating Hal Jordan like the jerk he is. Wonderful!

Doug Mahnke's art is sweet. Krona's hunched form is creepy and threatening, the entities look impressive, and the JLA and Guardians all look sweet. It is hard trying to accept Atrocitus as a good guy, though.


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Jeff said...

I've really felt the 20-page limit as well. It seems like they should just about be over, when all the sudden, they ARE. Not the last few end-beats, but it just ENDS.

I'm assuming we'll get used to that. Won't we?