Friday, February 4, 2011

Brightest Day #19

Wow. I'm totally confused about what the White Ring is talking about. I guess I glazed over Hawkman and Hawkwoman getting atomized last issue too, but they certainly seem dead again. Why would the White Ring kill these folks off after they achieve a certain moment of clarity? I thought they got the whole "Life Returned" thing? I'm sure it will clear up, but for now, I'm totally lost on what is going on with Deadman and that ring.

The bulk of this issue follows Aquaman and the new Aqualad as they try to stop Siren and her army from invading the US. I'm not usually a big fan of generic looking baddies as the main threat, but the unique hard-water weapons of Siren's troops are pretty darn interesting; I'm interested in seeing the new Aqualad use some of that sort of equipment. There is a big dramatic moment in this, familiar yet new, but all I could think was "when did Black Manta get there?" He wasn't in any of the fight scenes before his big appearance, right? I love Black Manta's look and he's Aquaman's best foe, but surely Aquaman would be aware if Manta was on the battlefield, right?

That said, I am fine with the status quo change.

Ivan Reis draws most of the Aquaman material, so it looks good. I like seeing the living sea creatures following Aquaman's lead, the zombie stuff is too spooky.



Martin Gray said...

I heard what happened to Aquaman. Poor soul!

Should Manta be able to sneak up on Arthur? Wouldn't his fishy pals warn him? Or maybe they're not talking.

Bet you a dime to a dozen that Aquaman kills Manta by the end of this book.

Timbotron said...

I'll take that bet! I think Johns wants to leave Aquaman set up with a nice new status quo, including his best villain.