Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Batman & Robin #20

I enjoyed Paul Cornell's short run on B&R, but I found myself considering dropping the book back to TPB status. I'm glad I didn't. I had forgotten how great Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason work together. This bat-book hits all the right notes, and in my reading, it is still the best Batman comic on the stands.

The book opens nicely, with a brief moment of normalcy for Bruce Wayne and his "sons." I loved seeing Alfred included in this get together, he deserves to be included in the family. Tomasi kicks the action along quickly, with some nice back-and-forth banter between Batman and Damian. They are a hilarious team, and Tomasi has their voices down. This is almost as good as when Morrison was writing it.
There was a great scene with Commissioner Gordon and Damian too. It makes sense that not everyone would be as accomodating as Dick Grayson.

Patrick Gleason's art is moody, dark, and fantastic. He gets to draw a ton of neat stuff, including dead angels and the Man-Bat. He also gives Damian an amusingly-round kid head too.


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