Friday, February 25, 2011

Justice League of America #54

This is a pretty strong lead-in for the next arc of Justice League. James Robinson successfully makes this feel like the start of a big DC event. Even if it only takes place in this title, Eclipso is a big bad, and he feels like a big threat throughout this issue. Even better, since Eclipso travels the Earth dominating shadow-based characters, this really does feel like a crossover.

Some are obvious choices like Robinson-pet Shade, Nightshade, and Shadow Thief. I don't know if the other shadow-folk are new or dusted off classics, but I'm intrigued by all of them. There is a Candadian hero, a Cthullu-creature, a horrifying gorilla-beast, and a neat new Mexican hero. I hope they all survive the story, they seem like nice additions to the DCU.

The actual JLA doesn't appear in the book, the main protagonist is Eclipso host Bruce Gordon. It makes sense to spend so much time with Gordon this issue, Eclipso has a bit of a complicated history at this point, and Robinson spends some quality time resetting the status quo. Eclipso is in control of Gordon thanks to the recent Starheart crossover, so this arc has its root in this title. It's a nice bit of continuous storytelling. I'd love this comic if the JLA didn't still feel like a pack of scrubs.

I had been nervous about Brett Booth taking over on pencils, but he does a fine job here. I'm still not a huge fan of his style, but his storytelling is clear and everyone is recognizable. I don't love his take on the headliners, but he does a nice job on the new shadow characters.



Martin Gray said...

'A pack of scrubs'? Has the new team not done enough yet to be considered the JLA in your eyes? Poor guys!

Timbotron said...

C'mon, you have to admit that is a weak group. The only top draws are backups to the "main" heroes (Nightbats and Supergirl). :)

Martin Gray said...

I'm delighted to see the 'lesser' heroes such as Congo Bill and Jade and Jesse get a chance in the spotlight - I've seen Batman, Superman and co work together so often that it's great to have a break, see how someone else tackles the Crime Syndicate or whoever.

Jeff said...

The Mexican super-hero wasn't new. She was featured back in an annual in about 2000/2001?