Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Avengers Academy #9

I think Christos Gage is the best writer today at utilizing the history of a super-hero universe while still enriching it. This book is filled with great nods to former stories, yet he's still doing a fantastic job with the core cast. Quicksilver is still an ass AND likable. Tigra is angry and moody, but we totally understand her point of view. Finesse continues to be a scary gal, and I've got to think she will end up a villain. Taskmaster gets some wonderful lines and moves, even as he tries to bond with his possible daughter in the only way he knows how.

What's so impressive is that Gage is adding layers to his own characters and the old ones he's placed in the book. The dialogue is current and topical; I loved seeing Justice catch some heat for dating the much younger Ultra Girl. All these characters have made their share of mistakes, so I'm glad Quicksilver talked Tigra into giving the students another chance.

Mike McKone is going to leave some big shoes to fill on this title. The art is stunning in this, as it has been from the start. I know Tom Raney can do a good job, but McKone is going to be tough to replace.

I don't usually notice colorists as much, but Jeremy Cox's choice to have the off-white and blue in Finesse's costume an exact match for Taskmaster's suit? Brilliant.


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