Saturday, February 12, 2011

Star Wars: Clone Wars v2 TPB

Star Wars comics make me laugh. They are filled with so many nonsense words that I can barely make myself care about what happens. "Oh no! Jedi Master Beborp is looking for his missing pabowan on planet Gleep Glop!" Heh. It doesn't help that the Jedi suffer from some of the worst ninja-weakness I've ever seen. Let me explain, have you noticed (in movies, books, comics) how if there is one robot or ninja or zombie, it is really tough, but the moment there is a bunch of them, they all get weaker and easier to kill? The Jedi in these Clone War stories really suffer from that. One of the stories has four respected masters team up with Obi Wan on some lava planet, and all four get taken out like punks. I can appreciate that these new bad guys Durge and Ventress are supposed to be tough, but man, the Jedi are wimps!

Two trades in and I'm still not seeing much of my main interest in the Clone Wars. I'm fascinated at the idea of an army of clones all trying to establish their own identities. How would they differentiate themselves from each other? Haircuts? Tattoos? Speaking styles? Weapons? There is one clone that gets sort of featured in this trade, but he isn't really interested in being a person. He actually gets tagged with the name "Alpha" by Anakin during a fight. At least it is a start.

I will say I appreciate all the doubt the Jedi show towards the Empire and the Rebellion. Count Dooku may actually have some legitimate points!

So far, while I'm not regretting reading the Clone Wars, it doesn't hold a candle to the Star Wars Legacy series.


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