Monday, February 14, 2011

Walking Dead #81

And now the crap hits the fan. Things start off a bit quietly in the newest issue of Walking Dead, but the peace doesn't last long. I love Glenn's crazy plan, and by giving him a small team going out to "save" Andrea, it should give us a chance to become familiar with at least a few more members of the Community. Kirkman better develop the new characters quickly now, because I think the body count is going to be high. It already looks like new folks and old-timers might not make it through this.

That wall that seemed so secure a few issues ago is now a danger to the camp. How great is it seeing the characters look at the brightside of a breach in the wall? I guess living in a post-apocalyptic hell would make you pretty adaptable. I missed seeing Rick using his old hatchet, so seeing it back in his hand is nice and familiar.

Charlie Adlard has to set up a few pivotal, suspenseful scenes this issue, and he does a great job. Glenn's crazy climb across the horde was tremendously well put together, and the action at the doomed wall was clear too.


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