Monday, February 21, 2011

Black Panther #515

Another fantastic issue.

This one picks up with the closing moments of BP and Vlad's first encounter. It seems they both underestimated the other, but T'Challa's experience is surely going to put him over the top. What makes Vlad so cool is that he always talks the professional talk. The reader can see how the BP's pressure is getting to him, but he seems to be fooling himself pretty well. Things are going to get mighty personal in the next few issues, it seems, but you have to admire a villain who makes this much of an effort to control his emotions.

David Liss is still doing a wonderful job with the supporting cast. I'm not a fan of current Luke Cage, but he's perfect in these appearances. And even better, he's right; Black Panther's self-test is putting a lot of innocents in danger. Liss is also showing a lot of skill in the language of the "normal" folks existing on the fringes of BP and Vlad's war.

Francesco Francavilla's art continues to impress. Black Panther's street-togs are awesome, this is one of my favorite takes on his costume. Francavilla's art is most shocking in the scene where we see that the diner bus-boy is still alive and in for a lot of pain. The look on his face is terrifying!


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