Friday, February 11, 2011

Catwoman: The Long Road Home TPB

Wow. I really liked Will Pfiefer's take on Catwoman, but this entire trade reads like a bit of a mess. I've got to think that Pfiefer's plans for this book were dramatically altered by Catwoman's mandatory involvement in Salvation Run. She never really fit in to that story very well, and this book opens with a random issue as that storyline wraps up. Then bang, she's back in Gotham ready to deal with her old issues.

I enjoyed seeing CW take out the upstart Thief, but the revenge scenes were a bit cold just because it had been so long since Selina was in Gotham. Again, Salvation Run messed up the pacing for this storyline. By the time the trade wraps up with Catwoman and Batman trying to return their relationship the old status quo, it seems like it is for the best. It seems like Catwoman is too busy getting yanked into supporting roles in other peoples' adventures to have her own comic.

David Lopez's art is fantastic. His poses for Catwoman as she leaps off buildings are wonderful. She just drops away as if she was going to land in a pool.


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