Monday, January 31, 2011

Guarding the Globe #3

It's a good thing I keep up with Robert Kirkman's corner of the Image universe, or I'm pretty sure I'd be lost. This issue alone has tie-ins or cameos from Invincible and Astounding Wolf-Man; there is a recurring joke character from Ant-Man (Slaying Mantis! Yeah!) and even a Walking Dead pun. You've got to stay on your toes here!

With Invincible away fighting the Viltrumites, things on Earth are looking dicey; some of Invincible's worst villains are teaming up as a new group, the Order. Fortunately the Guardians of the Globe have boosted their roster so much that they should be able to handle things. I'm not sure if Wolf-Man is joining the team or not, but he'd fit right in; I hope he sticks around.

There is a great two-page spread of The Order, and I love the mix of new and old villains. I know most of these guys, and since they gave Invincible a hard time going solo, it's going to be neat seeing them team up.

Ransom Getty is still on pencils, but his art looks a lot cleaner when he inks his own work. There are two other inkers giving him a hand, but they don't bring the same level of cleanliness to the pencils that Getty can do himself. I hope he's not running short on time!


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