Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Walking Dead #80

Well, Rick has pretty much taken over the Community at this point, hasn't he? What I love about Robert Kirkman's ever-reasonable characters is how he addresses reasonable concerns so quickly. Case in point: he's got a story called No Way Out, and the town is surrounded by zombies. I naturally figure they'll get overrun, the walls of the refuge overrun with zombies. That may still happen, but Rick is ready for it, setting up patrols and repair crews to give the walls constant reviews.

I'm looking forward to seeing more about Andrea trapped in the clock tower. I can't imagine she brought enough food to last too long. But then again, maybe she can still get out scavenging, unlike the folks trapped in the Community.

Rick's new romantic entanglements might be a bit uncomfortable, especially with Carl's cold nature. I'm excited that even with the ramp up in zombie threats, there are still some devastating personal interactions driving this book.

Charlie Adlard's storytelling is great, as usual. I think he's getting better (or I'm getting more familiar) with drawing the new characters. I'm going to be sad to see them go.


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