Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brightest Day #17

Will wonders never cease? This issue of Brightest Day actually focused on the worst storylines, and yet it was still entertaining. Deadman's go-nowhere plot was surprisingly heartwarming; I love the idea that the White Lantern battery is somehow powering up when Deadman helps people enjoy life. Very fun.

Firestorm arriving in the Anti-Matter universe is unexpected, but it might be cool to see more of the Qwardians. They've had a really rough run of it, especially if Deathstorm is lording it over them like all the other villains in the DCU have in the past. It's also good to get the reminder that the Firestorm duo's purpose is to protect the White Lantern entity. I had sort of forgotten what they're hanging around for.

And finally, the biggest surprise. There are a ton of pages dealing with the Hawk-plot, and they actually aren't bad! Hawkwoman's mother is upgraded into the new Predator, which seems like a good fit. I certainly couldn't remember her name before, but I think I can keep her straight as the new Predator. I also liked seeing Carol Ferris interact with the Hawks; they haven't had a lot of interaction that I can remember, but sometimes it's neat seeing these "friend of a friend" team-ups. (Maybe that should be a new series idea?)

The art is pretty solid throughout, with the Hawkman and Deadman segments being particularly well done. It's funny; when Hawkman smashes folks like he's meant to, he's still pretty awesome.


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