Friday, January 28, 2011

Justice League: Generation Lost #18

I'm glad to see Power Girl join up with the JLI. She was an integral part of the team back in the 90's, so not having her here has been a big hole on the team. (Martian Manhunter is conspicuous by his absence too).

Judd Winick does a good job building up PG before she actually joins the team. Thanks to more mind control from Max Lord, PG sees the JLI as a new, evil version of the JLA. It's a neat twist, since she sees Captain Atom as Superman, she's not holding back against him at all. She thinks she needs all of her strength in play, so she spends the issue wailing and Captain Atom something fierce. The rest of the JLI don't fare much better, she takes them all on and is able to more than hold her own.

I'm hoping that PG is actually joining the team now. Between this title and her own book, she's almost come around on the Max Lord thing three or four times now. It's going to be pretty old if she snaps back under his control after this issue.

Aaron Lopresti does a nice job with Captain Atom; he looks like a classic hero, and somehow the colors on Cap's boots and gloves really shine this issue. I like Ice's new costume too, it's a good update. I do have one regret, though, and that's that we don't get a better view of Captain Atom's sweet mullet in the JLI flashback that opens the book.


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