Sunday, January 2, 2011

Invincible #76

Hoo boy, another savage issue of Invincible. Actually, he really needs a more violent adjective before his name on the comic title. "Bloody" or "Gory" would be very appropriate. Robert Kirkman shies away from another upsetting death, Oliver is still alive. Sure, he's a cyborg, but at least he's alive. I also love the new status quo for the good guy empire. Having laid back Allen, as the new boss is a great idea. (The cameo from the Star Trek Next Generation crew is fun, as always.)

I'm not sure it makes sense for the Viltrumites to let all of their most powerful enemies live, especially if it is just to be a jerk and destroy the Earth.

Ryan Ottley gets to draw so much blood! And it's always cartoony, so it doesn't seem as upsetting as it should. I mean, look at those intestines and bloody bodies just floating in space. I'm reasonably sure I should be more upset than I am by that. I've just seen Invincible get such horrible beat downs, I know he can handle it.


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