Monday, January 3, 2011

Justice League: Generation Lost #16

The sheer amount of Blue Beetle action in this issue made it a worthwhile purchase, even if the overall plot didn't advance too far.

Judd Winick does a nice job making it seem like Fire might actually get killed. Last issue, the Creature Commandos and GI Robots arrived and plugged her full of holes, and she looks to be in horrible shape. Most of the issue has Fire and Ice saying goodbye to each other. Fortunately, Blue Beetle spots a Commando-Mummy out on the field with healing powers. He snags the dude and gets him to heal up Fire, restoring everyone to a pretty solid status quo. The book ends with Max Lord showing up to snatch Beetle. I'm not sure why he'd want the guy, but I'm intrigued and it is a good cliffhanger.

The other big development has Power Girl and Batman starting to look into the Checkmate connection to all the mysterious happenings in this title. It's only a matter of time before they link everything to Max Lord. I'm hoping PG, Bruce Wayne, and Martian Manhunter all get on this team by the time the series wraps up.

Fernando Dagnino doesn't do a great job with most of the characters in this book. Captain Atom, Booster Gold, the monsters, they all look just OK. But he does a great job on Blue Beetle, Fire, and Ice, so overall, the art balances out as average.


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