Thursday, January 6, 2011

Green Lantern #61

I really get a kick out of the Spectre. He's so ridiculous with his punishments to fit every crime and his literal interpretations. Geoff Johns nails this with his "eye for an eye" argument voiced by Atrocitus. I like the hinted past between the two characters, it makes sense. They both really are angry dudes.

Atrocitus has become a pretty cool character, even with that ridiculous name. In fact, until I looked at this cover again, I forgot that Hal Jordan doesn't even appear in this book. I would have dug a different cover for "Red Lantern #61" but I guess that might throw some folks off.

This issue introduces The Butcher, the patron being of the Red Lanterns. It's interesting that he has such an adversarial relationship with his own corps, Atrocitus is definitely not his friend.

I appreciate Doug Mahnke skewing his Spectre closer to the classic look. That goatee just looks silly with the cape.


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