Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Most of this issue has the core players taking a breath and a break before Starro makes his big move. I think it's a wise move for Tony Bedard to nail down who his leads are in this book. There is an expansive cast, but if he focuses on the folks on the cover (plus Captain Comet), I think this book could be even better.

I'm intrigued to see Starro making a return, this book worked best when he was the antagonist, so I can't blame Bedard for going back to that well. Things might be a bit different now that the universe knows about Starro, plus as near as I can tell he's down to two loyal super-flunkies. Naturally, they are the two coolest, but maybe the REBELS actually have a chance.

Claude St. Aubin's pencils are still sharp, but he seems to be backing away from some of his Andy Clarke-inspired cross-hatching. This is a mistake as the pencils in this issue are starting to veer into cartoon territory. It's only in a few places, but I don't want to see Aubin change his neat style from the past few years.



Jeff said...

A more dynamic artist would really do this book a world of good.

Timbotron said...

Who would you suggest? I always miss Darryl Banks' clean style, or maybe Paul Pelletier? Bring back the Negation team, perhaps?

Jeff said...

I'd take Pelletier in a heartbeat! So many possibilities... maybe even Chris Samnee now that he's free from his Mighty Thor duties!