Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Justice League of America #52

I can only imagine how much I'd be enjoying James Robinson's JLA if he had a lineup I cared about. This is a pretty entertaining story even with that consideration.

I love all these off-hand references to Darkseid not being dead. Of course not, the biggest bad guy in the DCU is just about impossible to kill at this point; if Orion couldn't do it, I don't believe Batman could, even with a god-gun.

The Dark Supergirl aspect of the story is pretty silly, but I suppose it makes sense to put Ultraman and Supergirl on Omega's team to tip the deck. Even with the JLA and CSA teaming up, things look grim for the protagonists. I also find it interesting that Power Ring and Johnny Quick are already dead; what was the point of morphing around their identities to match up with the DCU last issue if they were just going to get pasted this fast?

I'm going to miss Mark Bagley's classic stylings on this title. His Blue Jay is a tad too Hawkman-ish, but that's a small complaint, especially since he still looks cool.


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