Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Avengers Academy #8

This is one of two Marvel comics I'm still reading in floppy (the other is Black Panther). Even though I want to switch over to trades for all my Marvel comics, I can't break free from Christos Gage's riveting Avengers saga. He's showcasing 2nd and 3rd tier characters, but treating them like stars. This issue he spotlights Tigra, once again giving her some closure and empowerment after Bendis almost ruined the character a few years ago. The Hood may have beaten and humiliated Tigra, but she's proving that she is strong enough to handle the aftermath. I LOVE that Gage has her take her pain public. She even sets up a new charity for victims of abuse. It's a tad over the top when Hank Pym says that her actions are the bravest he's ever seen, but they sure are up there.

And lest you think it is melodrama, there is plenty of action. Striker, Finesse, and Hazmat deliver a well-deserved beat down on the Hood, and there are some great shots of Tigra taking on the Slug. That's right, the Slug! I remember him from an old Web of Spider-Man annual; he's like the Kingpin of porn, so he's perfect for this story.

I believe this is Mike McKone's last issue on this title. I'm bummed, he's done a wonderful job creating looks for the recruits even as he has redefined some classic uniforms. Hank Pym and Speedball have especially benefited from costume re-designs from McKone. I'm sure he's moving onto a high-profile project; it just bums me out that this book isn't more high-profile.


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Martin Gray said...

I never knew McKone was offski - darn!

Great review and recommendation.