Monday, January 24, 2011

Star Wars Legacy v8: Tatooine TPB

I still love John Ostrander and Jan Duursema's take on the future of the Star Wars universe, but this book ends a lot worse than it starts.

When it's good, this trade is fantastic. Cade Skywalker is still a surly, grumpy dude out for himself and trying to resist his own heroic tendencies. He treats his girl like crap; and you almost have to cheer for the Empire at times, that's how scuzzy he is. But fortunately, the Sith are so evil, that even scuzzballs like Cade can look like a hero. This trade doesn't deal with much of the overall conflict, but it does bring Cade into conflict with his mother and his half-sister. That type of complicated family is a requirement in Star Wars, and it is great seeing how well it plays in this storyline.

There are also a couple of neat new bounty hunter heavies brought in by the Black Sun criminal organization. They are almost too much like vampires for me, but fortunately they are sci-fi'ed up enough that it never becomes a problem.

The closing chapter of the trade involves a Mandalorian member of the Rogue Squadron. I have to confess I know nothing of the Mandalores other than they made Boba Fett's armor. Are they good guys? Do they work for the Empire? Do they always use so many nonsense words? I never connected with anyone in this backup, hopefully this Mandalore couple isn't central to the Legacy story from here on.

Fair overall, but the Cade story is Good

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