Saturday, January 1, 2011

Green Lantern Corps #55

I like the Weaponer as a new villain, he's fun because he is unpopular with his own people as well as with the GL's. There isn't a whole lot of new plot movement here, but I am impressed that the Weaponer is capable of taking out so many Honor Guard Lanterns so easily.He can't be too dangerous though, because Ganthet finds time to go off and tell as story about the secret alliance that he and Guy Gardner made with Atrocitus. Doesn't that seem a bit rude? I mean, the Weaponer has to just sort of wait for his villainous rants while the GLC starts talking about their next villain.

It's too bad Tony Bedard can't spend more time focused on his own storyline, he already is having to steer his stuff towards the bigger GL plot. The problem is that there is no one I really love on this team. Kyle Rayner has been a wimp. John Stewart is still boring. Ganthet is a Guardian. Soranik spent this whole story as a prisoner, and Hannu had his fight and defeat off-panel. It's weird, I like Tony Bedard's plots, but I feel like the pacing is too slow.

Tyler Kirkham's art is still getting better. His take on Hannu is a bit weird, he's got a stone-beard, which I don't think I've seen before. I also like that Soranik always has time to show off her assets.


Happy New Year's, Lanterns!

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