Friday, December 31, 2010

Batman Incorporated #2

Damn, do I love Grant Morrison's crazy Batman stories!

Just look at that opening page, that really says it all. Sure, Batman and some dude are fighting some neat costumed thugs, but in the apartment underneath, you can just make out gigantic tentacles as a giant squid tries to kill Catwoman in a flooded apartment. Only in comics!

Lord Death Man is surprisingly blood-thirsty. A guy with this drive to kill is almost as bad as the Joker. He wipes out bystanders left and right as he tears through Tokyo, but he goes from a nobody to a fearsome villain very quickly because of it. When Mr. Unknown and Batman finally get to take him on, it feels like a big showdown after only two issues.

I still love the idea behind Batman Incorporated. The idea that big cities all over the world have their own Batman fighting their own style of super-villains is absolutely brilliant. The closing page with Tokyo's Batman fighting some ape-villain; again, brilliant.

Yanick Paquette has a great style for this book. Lord Death Man and his flunkies have such simple costumes, but they are stylish anyway. Great stuff.


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Martin Gray said...

This was indeed a lot of fun, I'd love to read the story with the gorilla.