Saturday, December 4, 2010

Justice Society of America #45

Man, this comic is STILL so sad. I men, it's not like a dejected Flash in a wrecked city leads one to believe this will be a happy read, but still!

I think Marc Guggenheim has hardened up the core cast a little bit. The only member of the JSA showing the level of compassion I'd expect is Doc Mid-Nite, the rest of the team is ready to head back to their NYC HQ after battling Scythe last issue. Speaking of the new villain, I like that Guggenheim is tying his origin into an old WWII mission, it gives the new guy a nice tie to Flash and GL, personal beefs are always more interesting.

I am having a hard time with the reduced cast. I hope Mid-Nite is back to stay, but seeing such a small group is just weird. The book went from having too large a cast to too small of one, especially with GL now paralyzed. Flash, Mr. Terrific, Lightning, Dr. Fate, Wildcat, and Doc Mid-Nite are not enough. I'd be interested to see a couple more old members show up once the new status quo is established. (I think I read that the eventual goal is to have a city where super-heroes are an integrated part of the Society.)

Scott Kolins' art is still awesome. He remains one of my favorites, I just wish he was drawing more of my favorite characters!


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