Thursday, December 30, 2010

What If? Dark Reign #1

I should know better at this point. Just because a book features one of my favorite characters, that is no guarantee that it is going to be any good. I need to do a better job checking out creative teams. Jason Henderson is an unknown to me, but I'm not really impressed.

Hawkeye succeeds in killing Norman Osborn, but we barely see it. Instead, most of the issue has a no-name reporter with a trunk full of bombs luck into the hotel where the Cages are staying. Hawkeye sits around a bit, then eventually gets killed. And I'm making this seem better than it is.

I don't like Sana Takeda in this one. Everyone is too bubbly and fake looking. She did some anime-styled art in Ms. Marvel that didn't impress me, and this doesn't look great either.

This book is going right into the re-sell pile. I'll take 25 cents.



Martin Gray said...

Sounds like a poor read, and it's perhaps too early for Siege to be the subject of a What If.

Timbotron said...

You know it is bad when I don't want it touching my other comics!