Monday, December 27, 2010

Wonder Woman: Contagion TPB

I don't usually lead off with comments about the art, but wow, Nicola Scott was meant to draw Wonder Woman. Her take on Diana is flat-out stunning. She only draws a couple of the last issues in this trade, but it is clear that she's got a character-defining run in her pencils. Stunning. The other artists are fine, Aaron Lopresti has proven his chops with this character and I've been singing Chris Batista's praises for months on Booster Gold. But wow, it is too bad Scott's run got cut short when Gail Simone exited this title.

And speaking of Simone, let's talk about how great her take on Wonder Woman really is. Diana is so darn approachable in these issues, she always has moment for the normal person on the street. I love Power Girl, so seeing the two characters fight then team up was a real treat too. Simone clearly gets Power Girl as well as she does Diana, when PG is being mentally influenced, WW busts her free by asking when have you ever "done as you were told?"

The villains in this trade resonated more with me than Genocide. Genocide was clearly important to the flow of this title, but I prefer the mind-altering children of Ares and the gigantic snake robots sent by space-Amazons. Those types of big ideas are perfect for WW.


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