Thursday, December 16, 2010


I should have had more faith in Tony Bedard. The last few issues have been a bit unfocused, but Bedard brings all those elements home nicely in a great facedown with the Green Lantern Corps. The rookie GLs are instantly legitimized by bringing in John Stewart to back them up (nice that Bedard could clear that with the GLC writer). Once the rookies were actually promoted, I started liking them more, I bet they might actually appear in some group GL shots soon!

Bedard also brings back some of the neglected cast. Adam Strange plays a big role as the hapless mediator for LEGION and the GLC. Starfire's attack on the Psions isn't being left behind either, they hold a grudge and they're coming after her. And Vril Dox hasn't been his devious self in a while, but arming terrorists and needling Stewart about Xanshi is pretty tremendous. There's a reason we love to hate Dox.

Claude St. Aubin's pencils don't seem quite so detailed in this issue. I wonder if he's running low on time and needs more help from the inkers? His Andy Clarke-inspired cross-hatches are much less visible in this one.


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