Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Justice League: Generation Lost #15

Man, Bendis' New Avengers needed Booster Gold on the team during Dark Reign! When Captain Atom is standing around griping about how hard it is being a good guy, Booster lays into him about how that's how it is for good guys sometimes, and that doesn't mean you can just go off and kill people. (Are you listening, Hawkeye?)

I'm still annoyed about Magog's foolish and unnecessary death (I suppose with mind-powers, we could find out later it was faked), but it sure has made things more desperate for the JLI. I love seeing the group on the run, plotting Max Lord's downfall. I still say another team member or two would be a nice addition. I'd be happy with someone fairly obscure like Crimson Fox or Lionheart, but I'd be more pleased with Martian Manhunter, Wally West, or Power Girl. Another familiar face would help even more now that Winick has totally retconned Ice's origin and motivations.

It was neat seeing the existing team take on that army of Creature Commandos, but I'm trying to figure out if any of them are carryovers from Tim Truman's 90's series? That vampire guy COULD have been Velcoro. I'm less happy about the references to JMS' weird run on Wonder Woman. There is no need to lay out how confusing it is that the world has forgotten her, regardless of what parallels it has with Lord's situation.

Joe Bennett is fine, but he's definitely better at drawing ladies than dudes (excepting his great Blue Beetle). Fire and Ice looked great, and the new Creature Commandos and GI Robots looked fun.


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