Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Widowmaker #1

Marvel's $2.99 pricing plan for the next Hawkeye limited series is paying off already. I had planned on skipping Widowmaker and picking it up in trade (since it is $3.99) but now I figure I'll just keep up with Hawkeye's ongoing story in floppy. Jim McCann has already proven he's got a fantastic take on the Avenging Archer, and I don't want to miss anything while waiting for the trade!

This mini is a follow-up to two cancelled Avengers titles, Hawkeye & Mockingbird and Black Widow. I'd say this series definitely picks up more from H&M's storylines, heck, it even transports the writer and supporting cast from that book. Fortunately, Hawkeye already has so much juicy history with Black Widow that including her feels natural and spices up the book nicely.

McCann keeps this feeling like an espionage book by tying in heavily to Mockingbird's history with SHIELD and the Widow's past with the Russian Red Room. But what makes McCann so good is his ability to tell a spy story with super-heroes, and he pays that off again here with the guest-stars (the Soviet Super-Soldiers) and the villain (a revamped Ronin). I never cared for Ronin as a hero, but seeing the suit used on a bad guy, I definitely see the potential. That looks like a villain suit! As for the Soviets, I'm thrilled to see them, especially with the group looking so close to the "classic" team from Mark Gruenwald's run on Captain America.
So basically, McCann has proven once again that he and I loved the same comics. I'm in for the long haul.

David Lopez does a great job with both the drama and the high-speed action. I loved the snow mobile chase, it was well choreographed and easy to follow. I also love how Dominic Fortune's body language is so confident, even surrounded by these highly respected Avengers.


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