Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Green Lantern #60

Geoff Johns has regained some focus on this title recently, it seems like Hal isn't just flying around Michigan talking to different lanterns. This issue he actually fights Parallax again, as the fear entity possesses Barry Allen. I figure Barry's possession will lead to Barry and others all commenting about how brave Hal was when he was possessed. Johns doesn't like to skip any chances to talk about how awesome Hal is. Parallax/Flash had the extra rows of serrated teeth that we expect with the character, but there isn't a lot there to make this incarnation of the villain too fearsome.

I'm a bit more interested now that I see who the chained and robed being is. I thought that guy was taller? I do long for the days when Hal was going up against some non-energy powered baddies. It seems this guy is packing some sort of combination of the many lantern corps, plus some energy-draining powers too.

Doug Mahnke needed a whole slew of inkers this issue, so it must have been a tight deadline. I'd love to see Mahkne draw some more classic villains like the Shark. The weirdest part is seeing the Gary Frank cover on this issue, I'm so used to seeing Mahnke's work, it doesn't fit!


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