Friday, December 3, 2010

Justice League: Generation Lost #14

Well, Judd Winick is guaranteed some praise from me because not only was the Martian Manhunter still alive and part of the future JLA, he actually holds out longer than a lot of his teammates when things get hairy. Giving J'onn his proper respect goes a long way for me!

This issue takes place in the future, a bit earlier than Captain Atom's other jump ahead. This time his time-jaunt was kicked off by the energy given off by Magog's lance last issue, and now Captain Atom is stuck in the future. He's at low-power and outmatched by OMACs when the JLA appears. Power Girl is the team leader, and it's packed with a few relics and some replacements for classic leaguers. Alternate future stories are always fun, and Winick gets some nice character moments in with these practically new characters.

Mostly, the point of this issue is to throw a spotlight on the determination and courage of Captain Atom. This guy is a leader and a soldier, and he carries himself well throughout. I'm not sure about him being basically 100% dedicated to take out Max Lord, but for now it is a suitable reason for the character to go on.

Aaron Lopresti's future designs for the JLA are fresh while maintaining nice ties to the costumes they're based on. I think Damian Wayne's batsuit takes the cake as the coolest design though; those batwings with that mask is pretty darn intimidating.


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