Sunday, December 12, 2010

Proposition Player TPB

I'm not sure what exactly I was expecting with this trade, and in fact, I can't remember where I even got this trade. At some point, when you have70 longboxes of comics, I think they start spawning on their own.

This trade follows a professional gambler as he inadvertently becomes a player in the afterlife game. As some of his friends take him up on a bet, he ends up buying their souls for a beer apiece (it's not like they believed in them anyway). The problem is, Heaven and Hell don't want a new player in the game, so they try to buy him out. The problem is he can read faces and he figures out just how profitable it can be to be the new god on the block.

The story features some cool characters from all different mythologies, and it is fun seeing someone avoid both heaven and hell. The stakes never seem that high. Joey is just too smart, he can see all the angles and gets all the right people in his corner right away. Bill Willingham has a habit of writing extremely intelligent protagonists, and keeps that up here.

Paul Guinan's art is a bit cartoony, but that works well for the larger than life figures who make up the afterlife society.


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Martin Gray said...

Sounds interesting but poker? I'd be so lost!