Friday, January 21, 2011

Secret Six #29

I must confess I feel a tad lost picking up this issue of Secret Six. It's not like Gail Simone's story is too complicated or anything, but I'm not sure why Vandal Savage and Lex Luthor are facing off. I love seeing Ragdoll narrate an issue again, the dude is a nutbar, and his dialogue guarantees some humor. This is one of the lighter Secret Six issues, and that's saying something considering we finally get Scandal Savage's tragic origin. Bane gets few good lines, as does Deadshot, but Catman and Jeannette don't have a lot to do.

I though the last storyline ended with Black Alice leaving the team, so I'm a bit confused seeing her still hanging around. Didn't King Shark join last issue?

Speaking of Vandal Savage, I'm thrilled he's back to his well-dressed caveman roots; he was terribly stupid with the burning scarred face when he was going by Cain.

I don't recognize Marcos Marz's style, but he's pretty solid. He's a mix of Ladronn and Pete Woods. I never would have figured someone could mix their styles, but that's what Marz reminds me of.


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Mickey said...

Check out Action Comics 896 for part 1 - Paul Cornell writing Lex & the Six!