Saturday, January 29, 2011

Transformers v2: Internation Incident TPB

Mike Costa's still got some neat ideas, and he clearly "gets" most of the core bots. I shouldn't complain. This story features little-seen characters like Smokescreen, Cosmos, and the Combaticons. But I do have one complaint. TOO MANY HUMANS. This has hurt the book in the past, and now it seems we're approaching that line again. I don't care how tough Spike Witwicky is supposed to be, I don't care how much specialized equipment he's supposed to have. He should never be able to beat a Decepticon in one-on-one combat. Especially since later in the issue a pretty sizable troop of Autobots is unable to beat three Combaticons. (Although I do appreciate that a group called the Combaticons should be among the best warriors from Cybertron).

It's too bad there is so much drama and panel time spent with the humans; Costa knows his Transformers. Bluestreak and Brawn get to lounge around, showing what it's like for the Autobots who don't get selected for all the missions like Jazz and Prowl do. The Combaticons never buy into North Korea's rhetoric, but the Predacons sure seem to be buying in to their alliance with China. The idea of Transformers allying and empathizing with different factions of humans is a brilliant idea; I just wish all the Autobots hadn't defaulted to the American side.

The art in this trade is pretty darn solid. Everyone looks like their old cartoon selves, which is just the way I want my Hasbro comics.


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