Friday, January 7, 2011

Justice Society of America #46

Marc Guggenheim is ramping up the heroes involved in his super-city story, and my interest is increasing at the same rate. This issue I spotted a lot more Dr. Mid-Nite, along with Mr. America and Blue Devil. I'm pleased that the Society's expansive membership is still a factor in the book, maybe Guggenheim was just starting out small with a core group.

This issue does has a race against the clock plot, but the real kicker is what happens to junior Societee Lightning. I've got to think she'll be ok, but it stinks seeing her taken down so hard. I find the whole Alan Scott story a bit laughable, just because I don't see his upcoming Battery-armor sticking around too long; some creator or another will want him back to normal shortly. I do like seeing all the danger in the Society's new home, they might want to ship in a couple more heroes.

Scott Kolins' art has looked better, but this is still very nice. The washed tones dont' work for me quite as well as the vibrant, clean look from Flash a few years ago. Kolins' average stuff is still some of the best art on the stands, though.


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