Monday, February 1, 2010

Atom & Hawkman #46

This was suprisingly relevant to the greater Blackest Night plot, unlike most of the other tie-ins during the last month. I guess Geoff Johns decided to move just a touch of plot from the core crossover so that we don't lose a whole month with absolutely nothing happening. This was really a focus issue for the Atom, Black Lantern Hawkman doesn't really play a part, except that Atom decides he's going to try and bring back his friend at the end. The bulk of the issue sees the Atom protecting Indigo-1 as she summons an army of lanterns for the big showdown with Nekron on planet Earth. While she's summoning her followers (who in turn are summoning the other corps), she's vulnerable, so Atom has a nice showdown with his crazy ex, Jean Loring. There's another flashback to Identity Crisis, and once again I'm confused on the rationale and randomness of the crime in that book. Jean Loring's motivation makes so little sense that every time it gets referenced, I take the whole idea less seriously. Shock for shock's sake is so silly.

Ryan Sook handles the cover and a few nice moody pages, but Fernando Pasarin draws at least as much. Fortunately, I like his clean style, the storytelling is clear and the fun Indigo tribe designs are as amusing as always. Both artists are talented enough that the change in art doesn't wreck the issue.


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Mart said...

I also hate the continued referencing of Identity Crisis because, as you say, it made no sense for Jean to kill Sue, beyond 'she's mad'. And then to make Sue Eclipso - what a load of baloney.

I liked this issue less than you, though the art was good.