Friday, February 12, 2010

Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard #4

What a cool cover. It's pretty cool that we get such a striking cover starring a couple of nobodies from the Shi'ar Imperial Guard.

This book has really picked up since the first issue, amazing what stranding your expendable cast in a dangerous situation can do. Last issue's great cliffhanger appearance of Quasar doesn't get a huge payoff. Wisconsin's best hero spends the whole issue trying to warn the Shi'ar about the threat from the Fault. The rest of the expedition is becalmed in the Fault. There's some sabotage going on to add to the pressure of gigantic flesh ships and evil versions of the X-Men. The only casualty so far is Firebolt, and since he's sentient flame, I'd bet he'll be back at some point. I do like the way DnA are tying the mysterious saboteur into the ongoing cosmic storyline too. I'm concerned Mentor will take him up on his offer...

Kev Walker's art is looking mighty blobby, almost Guy Davis-y. It works for this horror-themed book quite nicely too. With so many of the Guard looking sort of inhuman, the style works great.


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