Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Marvel Two-in-One #24 (1977)

This is the best example of an old comic trope that I've ever seen. The Hijacker is a villain out to steal from a Stark research center, and to help him, he brings along his "Crime Tank" a gigantic treaded monstrosity with acid, gas, missiles, basically, a fortune in extras. If the Hijacker can afford this, why would he need to rob people? It's awesome, this guy is spending a fortune to make a fortune.

The set-up is classic too, Stark Enterprises (led by Dr. Bill Foster/Black Goliath) is has the Thing testing a harsh environment suit in an artificial Venusian climate. Awesome. When the Hijacker strikes, the Thing goes after him immediately. Black Goliath joins in, and there's some great back and forth between the two. At first, the Thing is kind of insulting and dismissive of BG, but after Goliath shows the proper respect, you can see the Thing warm up to him. As for the Hijacker, he's totally ridiculous but unimportant. When he tries to tell the Thing his real name at the close of the issue, the Thing says "I don't care" and knocks him out. Wonderful. Bill Mantlo and Jim Shooter wrote my style of book back in the day.

Sal Buscema's design for the Crime Tank is awesome. This thing is just awesome. This is the type of old comic that I can't get enough of.


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