Monday, February 15, 2010

Booster Gold #29

It's too bad. Dan Jurgens' run on Booster Gold has only been ok. He has a decent voice down for the title character, but the stories just aren't grabbing me. This current arc has Booster and another time traveler from the future trying to stop the Cyborg Superman from destroying Coast City during Reign of the Supermen. There are some fun bits, like when Booster's timelost sister realizes that she's talking to a mass murder while the Cyborg is still trying to pretend he's the real Man of Steel.

Once again, Booster is convinced to go against Rip Hunter's rules of time and it seems Booster is going to try and stop the Cyborg. I guess that's the real problem, we're not dealing with anything new here. This title dealt with these ideas back in the single digits, and we still haven't really moved on. I've always been a big Jurgens fan, but this isn't his best stuff.

The art, as always, is solid. Jurgens recaptures his early 90's Superman work perfectly, and it is fun seeing one of the best eras of Supes back again. I bet I'd prefer a "Forever" approach best; where Jurgens was able to pick up where he left off in the Super-titles back in the late 90's.



mlm13 said...

Actually, having just read that era of Superman, I'd disagree with the "Forever" style. The Jurgens run started well, but by the end was just not good reading, what with the Dominus/Kismet/etc nonsense. Having said that, I really like Booster right now, but definitely looking forward to the Giffen/DeMatteis/Batista take coming in a few months.

Mart said...

I really enjoyed this issue, it was refreshing. No big crossovers, no wailing over Ted Kord's corpse, just an interesting tale, very nicely told.

Did you not read the Blue Beetle back-up then? I liked it and will be sorry to see Paco and Brenda go.

Timbotron said...

Maybe I remember the Superman Returns era too fondly. It was in the days of my youth!

As for the BB backup, I liked it, but it felt a bit generic to me. I think John Rogers wrote Jamie's world the most effectively. While I like Sturges, I don't think he has Jamie's voice quite as perfected.