Friday, February 5, 2010

Justice League: Cry for Justice #6

You know, if James Robinson wasn't quite so gore-happy, this would probably be a pretty solid little Justice League story. Prometheus kicks the tail out of the entire JLA, except for a surprising exception. I also find it fascinating that the biggest threat to Prometheus' computer powered suit is unpredictable fighters; so Hawkman and Hawkgirl are the biggest threats out of the whole league. Pretty cool.

Prometheus' plan is ridiculous, he wants to scatter teleported sections of main DCU cities through time and space. His rationale is that this fate would be harder to deal with because the citizens are still alive, wherever they end up. It's an interesting idea. Green Arrow's city is first up and gets zapped away at the close of the issue. I don't suppose that Connor Hawke and Speedy got zapped out with it? It might be cool seeing the story of a lost city and the random heroes and villains who went with it. Kind of a LOST/Salvation Run thing. Anyway, when Robinson gets to focus on dialogue and action, he's solid. Just lay off the gore dude! It is interesting that we finally get to see all the fights that injured Plas, Vixen, Red Tornado and the rest. I'm just not willing to

The painted art continues looking nice and dramatic.

Overall, this series still doesn't need to exist, but at least there is the core of fun JLA-style story here.


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