Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Siege: Embedded #2

Brian Reed is still laying it on pretty thick. This is another comic that basically puts Norman Osborn squarely in the Republican party. As I've said before, I can see where it is coming from, but I don't see how conservative readers can't be put off by seeing analogues of their media figures portrayed as lapdogs of the Green Goblin. This issue adds to the pile by having the Goblin's supporters start discounting Obama and wanting more from Norman Osborn. So you don't have to look very deep to find the message.

While that part of the comic is a bit silly, Reed is doing a nice job with Urich and Volstagg. Urich is always more of a plot device than a character, but by giving him another newsman buddy to play off of, this is the most I've liked Urich in some time. Volstagg is hilarious. He's a pig, he's uninteligent, and he's entranced by women's magazines. The problem here is that he's indirectly responsible for the deaths of thousands so I'm having a hard time justifying his childish outlook with what he's done.

Chris Samnee is so good. His pencils rely on heavy blacks to set the mood and it works wonderfully. Even bright scenes like the Iron Patriot interview look spot-on. Get this guy on a mainstream book!


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