Sunday, February 7, 2010

Batman: Rules of Engagement HC

Now this is the Batman I know and love. Andy Diggle provides a great first meeting between Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor. The crux of the issue is of course Batman vs. Lex, but the Bruce vs. Lex (and therefore WayneTech vs. LexCorp) aspects of the story are a lot of fun too. There are a ton of fun details mixed into the story. I love that the bat-plane is the result of a failed government contract with Wayne Tech. And Luthor's method of tracking that plane is genius and so comic-booky that I had to love it. Since the bat-plane is getting lost in a swarm of bats, Lex builds a robotic bat to join the swarm and latch onto Batman's vehicle! Ah, evil genius! Just perfect.

The closing setpiece is great too. Lex has an army of GI Robots that he plans to use to take over the US, Batman has to blast his way into a fortified base to get to Luthor and stop the programming. And there is a reason I capitalized GI Robot up there, because this could work as the secret origin for a new one of those too. This is the type of high-octane, fun Batman story that I'm looking for.

Whilce Portacio's batsuit has a neat bulky look. Portacio's got a strong visual style, but it works for the mix of shadows and tech mixing and matching through the story.


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